On white

A few weeks ago I tried something new. I wish I could claim it was an original idea (although some would claim that no such thing exists any more), but no, this is a complete copy (in concept) of a post by the best photography educator around, Scott Kelby. In a recent blog entry (http://goo.gl/ES8XTM) he […]

One bed

A Short Visit Last weekend I got to spend a very short time at “the garden” – i.e. the Chicago Botanic Garden. This is a magnificent place especially at this time of the year. I only had just over an hour there before needing to meet friends for dinner. So you may wonder – what […]

Fast motion

Many Years Ago I first had an interest in photography as a teenager, (sigh) more than just a few years ago.  At the same time, I was a huge fan of auto racing, or motor racing as we called it in South Africa. Not surprisingly, the two quickly became interests that I was able to […]

Wildlife photography – thoughts on style

Generally when I take wildlife shots, I expect the style to be more of a documentary approach. Now, even documentary shots have a number of artistic elements. We focus on composition, we think a lot about the background and isolation of the subject and so on. We are still creating art, not just capturing pixels. […]

Most significant of 2012

I was challenged by a friend recently to do a selection of my most significant pictures of 2012. It is a great idea, although first you have to figure what should make the “most significant” list. Well you may notice that I did not entitle this blog “best of 2012” or “most popular of 2012”. […]